BTB Pro Tip

Objective:  To Analyze a Category by Price Point

Solution:     The Inventory Comparison Report


Under the Micro View Tab at the top of the page, select “Inventory Comparison”.  



In the Filter Boxes, select the specific vendors you would like to see or “All”.   Select the “Category” you would like to analyze.




STEP THREE: Select the “Date Range”.



STEP FOUR: Select the “Apply Filters” Box.



The report will show you by price point:

  • Items sold in the Time Frame you selected.
  • Currently have In Stock for that price point!
  • An item in Green indicates a Fast Seller that is currently In Stock.
  • Bold Green indicates that it is a Fast Seller and is currently Out of Stock.
  • The items listed in Red indicate the item is in stock and is Aged.


This report has another nice feature.  See the question mark in the blue circle on the report?  Click it and a description of the piece and the stock # will appear.