BTB Pro Tip

Objective:   A vendor is showing me a new piece and I need to know if we have ever had this piece before.

Solution:     Inventory Search



Select “Inventory Search” from the drop down menu under the “Micro View” tab





Select the “Specific Vendor” or “ALL” from your filters




STEP THREE: Adjust your Sales Dates



STEP FOUR: Under the filter boxes, you will see a Find box.

Enter the vendor’s style # in that box.




STEP FIVE: Select the Apply Filter Box


You will now see a report that shows:

  • Vendors Style #
  • Status of the style
  • How many times you have had the piece
  • Performance for you


The inventory search function is versatile! It can also be used to find the history of a stock # or find a style with just a partial description by using the “Find Box”.