FANA has partnered with Buyers Intelligence Group (BIG) as a 3rd party administrator to help gather data related to sales in units and inventory on hand for your store. All sales and inventory will be collected, however only FANA sales and inventory will be provided to FANA.  In order to facilitate the data collection, BIG will install software to export the data.  All data is kept in strict confidence, and only FANA data will be reported to FANA and their sales force.  

Retailer participation in The BIG Network is FREE.  Retailers will receive a username and password so that they can personally manage their permissions to vendors online in Partner Permissions.  As a benefit for participating, retailers are entitled to receive an automatic Daily Sales Report from BIG’s inventory management system, Balance to Buy™.

2 Easy Steps:

Clicking on the buttons below will open a partner website in a new browser tab. Click on the Download Form button to download the The BIG Network™ Permission & Confidentiality Agreement – FANA form. After completing the form, scan it and return to this page to upload using the Upload to BIG button.

Download Form
Upload to BIG

If you need more information, please visit the following links.

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