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ASHI Forevermore 2Stone Collection

ASHI is proud to announce its exquisite Forevermore 2Stone Collection, featuring awe-inspiring diamond jewelry set in breathtaking Two-Stone Designs!

The brilliance of a fine diamond is the only thing that can come close enough to signify the flame of passion that binds two people in a promise of togetherness for eternity.  And when there are two perfectly matched and equally sized diamonds on the jewelry, touching each other delicately and firing up each other’s brilliance even further, the meaning gets even deeper and stands to symbolize much more than just pure love!



Equally sized diamonds, carefully selected and responsibly sourced, denote equality in the relationship, which is the undoubted mark of mutual respect. A single diamond has its own sparkling charm, but when two of these diamonds are set close together, the combined radiance can be blinding; representing the beauty, warmth and happiness that comes from the irrevocable union of two beings in love!


Two brilliant cut diamonds set together enhances the magnificence of this exquisite collection! This is definitely fine jewelry that gets even more gorgeous because of the emotional connection that resides within its sparkle. Curved around the delicate finger of a loved one, embracing the skin, there can be no better way to gift camaraderie and solidarity through a single piece of jewelry.





This amazing collection of two stone jewelry

includes Rings, Pendants and Earrings

Retail Priced from

$299 to $4,999

ASHI’s beautiful styling, superior diamond quality, durability and attention to detail culminate in the creation of a true treasure

that reflects the symbol of love and beauty

this collection represents.




This beautiful collection is truly deserving of being handed down the generations as a symbol of familial love and a commemoration of everlasting togetherness.



Perfect for the much awaited engagement, a special occasion, or simply a gift to that beautiful inspiration in life,



ASHI has the widest and most stunning 2Stone collection of jewelry. The Forevermore 2Stone Collection aptly gives meaning to being together forever and more!


For more information about the Forevermore 2Stone Collection, please call ASHI at 800.622.ASHI or contact your Regional Sales Representative or visit ASHI B2B Website at