Objective:  To find out how much in Memo Goods I have with each Vendor (To understand how Asset & Memo merchandise is performing relative to one another)


Solution:  Balance to Buy Vendor Report with Ownership in the 1st detail column



STEP 1:  Go to the Summary/Detail tab


STEP 2:  Select Vendors from the drop down menu


STEP 3:  Select the date range that you would like to see (or leave as rolling 12 months default)


STEP 4:  In the Detail Column drop down box (on the far right side of your screen) select Ownership


This report will show all of your vendors, beginning with the top performing vendor in sales dollars.  The detail column will show for each vendor:

  • Asset
  • Memo In Stock
  • Memo Sold

This makes it easy to see how your memo goods are performing for each Vendor.