Balance to Buy Pro Tip

4078 BIG Network Sample Reports v3.indd


Find a report that tells me what we sold yesterday, who sold it, did they discount it, was it aged?


Solution:  Balance to Buy Sales Report

1.  Go to the Re-Merchandise tab

2.  Select SALES from the drop down menu


DATE:  Report defaults to yesterday’s sales (if you upload on a daily basis).  If you want to see more than just yesterday’s sales, just change the start and end date on the right side of the filter box.


SORT:  Under the filter boxes there are 3 sort boxes.  You can sort this report many different ways: by stores, vendors, sales people, etc.


IMAGES: On the far left side of the filters, there is an IMAGE BOX.  Check this box and your images will populate!  This feature not yet available for all POS systems.


SAVED REPORTS:  Set this report up as a Saved Report and it will automatically appear in your inbox everyday!