Balance to Buy Pro Tip

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.14.03 AMObjective:  Automatically generate specific reports to be emailed  directly to you and who you want, when you want. 

  Saved Reports


Step 1: Run the Report

A. Run the report just as you want to see it. No need to worry about the date ranges right now.


B. Name report in box “Report Name” located right under the Apply Filter box.


C. Select “SAVE”


D. Select “OK” when the pop up box appears


Step 2: Schedule the Report

A. Select the Saved Reports tab at the top of the Page.  Find the report in the listing.


B. Select Schedule and a pop up box will appear.


C. Check the Enable box – this is what allows the emails to be sent


D. Select how often you want to receive the report in the Frequency Drop Down:

  1. Select the Day
  2. Select the Time of day  (best after 8am Central)
  3. Select the Format – Excel is best to see the report on a laptop, PDF better for mobile device
  4. Select the Time Period to include – last week, last month, last year,

E. Type in the Email addresses you want to receive the report and separate each addresss with a comma.


F. Select “Update”


Bonus Tip:  When setting up Saved Reports for Vendors, you can choose “Vendor Version” reports that show unit sales, cost, and inventory but excludes gross profit information.