The BIG Network was created to provide the link allowing the much needed collaboration between retailer and supplier.  As vendors enroll in The BIG Network, retailers are able to share their data with that specific vendor.  Contact BIG for instructions.

GN Diamond has been in business for over 35 years with offices in Israel and Philadelphia. 

We are a direct cutter and manufacturer of diamonds and fine diamond jewelry. We encourage our clients to visit the city of Brotherly Love and enjoy the enthusiasm and warmth of our GN employees. It is an excellent opportunity to cherry pick through our large inventory of loose diamonds and view all of our finished jewelry as well. We can also assist you with marketing ideas and traffic building techniques.

GN understands the challenges faced by our clients. Buying a diamond is much more than a certificate. We personally hand pick every diamond, ring, and parcel to meet your criteria. We help you increase your closing percentages, gain market share and ensure that our prices are extremely competitive.Take advantage of buying Direct. We have been cutting our own rough in Russia and Israel for over 50 years. We have one of the largest inventories in our industry.

In addition to our certified diamonds, we carry over $10 million in parcel diamonds ranging from 2 pt. to 3.00 ct rounds. Melee is available for custom work and repairs.


Is Your Diamond Vendor Measuring Up?

It is important to note that GN Diamond does not and WILL NOT sell to the direct public. We are here to support our retailers as we attribute our tremendous success over the last 15 years directly to them.

  1. GN Diamond does not sell to the public or e-commerce
  2. We have access to key market research to improve foot traffic to your store
  3. Over a $70M inventory full of GIA and EGL USA for all of your diamond needs
  4. Our signature cut, the “Forever After” will compete with top brands
  5. Most Competitive Prices for Loose Diamonds in the Industry
  6. Superior customer service
  7. Competitive pricing on studs, finished goods and melee for custom and repairs
  8. Offer extended terms and stock balancing
  9. Recognized for one of the best marketing campaigns in the industry
  10. User-friendly website with access to real-time inventory
  11. Open 7 days a week to answer your calls
  12. Free overnight shipping

Finished Jewelry

Recession Proof Bridal

from $500 – $1,000

Our finished pieces come in three qualities:

  • A Quality: G-I color, VS2-SI1 clarity
  • B Quality: G-I color, SI2 clarity
  • C Quality: G-I color, SI3-I1 clarity

Forever After

For years, it has been advertised, “A Diamond is Forever” so consumers can feel a sense of excitement, endless love, and obsession over choosing the perfect diamond for their loved one.

Today, GN Diamond has a pending patent on the 81 faceted “Forever After” Diamond capturing a unique brilliance and sparkle over any other round or princess cut diamond. While most branded diamonds lose an average of 0.05 – 0.10ct when being cut, the “Forever After” Diamond loses only 0 – 0.03 ct. Forever After is engraved on the girdle of every diamond along with the certificate number.

Forever After… The diamond with the heart of a Star.

Forever After Features & Benefits

  1. Forever After has 81 facets, the traditional round has 57 or 58.
  2. Forever After diamonds are certified with a diamond report. Forever After diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle with the ForeverAfter logo and diamond report number.
  3. Forever after diamonds have our signature 8-pointed star on the cutlet (which can be seen under magnification). Forever After — “The Diamond with the Heart of a Star”
  4. You do not pay the prices of a branded diamond, but get all of the benefits.
  5. Round diamonds make up three-fourths of the worlds diamond sales.
  6. This is our diamond exclusively: the name is copyrighted, and the cut is patent pending.
  7. Give Forever After a little light and its performance is stunning.
  8. With Forever After your closing ratio will dramatically increase with virtually no competition.
  9. We wanted to produce a diamond that could compete with any round diamond in the world in beauty and price and we did it! There is no other like it!
  10. If you look at the Forever After diamond you will see the surface area of the facets are relatively uniform. This uniformity allows light to pass through the diamond and create even more brilliance than the traditional diamond.
  11. The facets in the Forever After are dispersed evenly throughout the crown, and pavilion. An 8 point star was created on the culet to create even more brilliance and hide any possibility of a dead spot.

Select vendors provide BIG Network benefits for their partners, however the focus is on collaboration.

Please contact BIG if you have any questions about any Network benefits.

Buy Diamonds Over The Counter From Your Customers and Flip For Cash

. . . Overnight!

We buy all qualities of diamonds: mounted or loose, any color, clarity or cut. We will send you a check overnight, no amount too big. 24 hour turn around. We will trade your diamonds for diamonds you actually need. We can deduct the purchase from any open invoice with GN Diamond. Call us for free quotes, GN wants you as a partner! Leave the distribution to us.

Call For Details:


to everyone for their

warm welcome into

the Big Network! 

We are looking

forward to adding

success and value to

this exclusive network

of independent jewelers.

Please feel free to

contact our office

for your loose diamond

and finished diamond jewelry needs

at 800-724-8810 or 

We are open

7 Days a Week

and offer

Free Shipping!

 We look forward to working with you.


Asaf Herskovitz

CEO, G.N. Diamond

800-724-8810 ext 4411

Direct at 215-238-4401


We carry studs from 0.25ct – 10ct total weight for all price points. Studs are available in 4-prong and 3-prong martini settings with pushbacks

or screwbacks. Our qualities are as follows:

  • A Quality: G-I color, VS2-SI1 clarity 
  • B Quality: G-I color, SI2 clarity
  • C Quality: G-I color, SI3-I1 clarity
  • D Quality: G-I color, I2 clarity

These exquisite, one of a kind pieces are handmade

and can accommodate

any size center

diamond and may be

set in a variety

of metals. Please

call your sales

rep or submit the

form for a quote or

more details.



GN Diamond carries parcels from 0.02ct to 1.00ct each stone in different price points to accommodate all your special designs and needs. Our qualities

are as follows:

  • A Quality: G-I color, VS2-SI1 clarity
  • B Quality: G-I color, SI2 clarity
  • C Quality: G-I color, SI3-I1 clarity

The last letter of the parcel number determines the quality.


Asaf Herskovitz



Ellen Short 800.724.8810



Local Market Analysis

Knowledge is Power!

Increase your opportunities for a successful marketing campaign.

At GN, we believe that by becoming more educated in the demographics that surround your store, the more powerful your marketing may become. Increase your market share by utilizing the market research that GN Diamond can provide:

  • Demographic and income profile
  • Retail marketplace profile
  • Population forecasts to help you target marketing for your area
  • much more…  



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