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So as we all settle back in after Las Vegas, it is time to take a moment and reflect back on the craziness of Jewelry Week.It was so nice to see so many friends and colleagues. Every year our industry descends on sin city and eats too much, drinks too much, and has an overall great time! From all the events, like the Diamond Empowerment Fund’s “Diamonds Do Good” to the Indian Diamond Council Awards to the Jewelers for Children Gala, we take a week out of our busy lives to enjoy each other’s company, while working hard. Here are some highlights that we saw from this year’s Vegas week:Man Made DiamondsMan Made Diamonds (MMD’s) was front and center on many people’s minds.  As recapped in this interesting blog, click here to read. MMD’s may be in the mainstream faster than you think. From Martin Rapport’s breakfast, to talk on the street about how nervous this is making the diamond suppliers, the question is: Are you ready to either carry Man Made Diamonds or detect them?


The BIG Network takes off! 

BIG had a great week at both CBG and JCK. Abe Sherman had the opportunity to present The BIG Network platform and concept to a group of retailers at CBG. He explained that the goal is that by vendors and retailers working together in a truly collaborative way, we can start moving the needle on aged inventory, increase turn and profitability and ultimately lead to a healthier industry as a whole.  The exciting thing was, we had retailers that were not our clients approaching us asking how can they share their data with their vendors, and we had vendors coming to us saying they heard from their customers that they had to join The BIG Network.


When Abe, Mark, Ellen and I started working on creating The BIG Network over a year ago, we knew in our gut that we were on to something big (no pun intended, well maybe a little). The only thing I don’t think any of us anticipated was the immediate positive reaction and the enthusiasm we have been receiving from all parts of the industry. What a wonderful feeling! If you are not part of this yet, get in touch with us and we can show you how to participate.  It is so easy!  It’s permission based and free to retailers.


Wearable Tech Summit comes alive! 

On Thursday right before JCK, Richline sponsored an amazing wearable tech event. There were tons of exhibits from earrings that were heart monitors to virtual jewelry stores. One of the most amazing things that stuck with me was Cookson’s 3-D printing in gold. Yes, I said gold!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.48.21 PMThe intricate pieces displayed were just incredible. Think about what 3-D printing in gold means for the industry. The types of designs that you can create that were never possible for you to do with traditional casting. The possibilities are endless.  And, they plan to introduce printing in platinum later this year! Amazing!

It was some week. With all the excitement that we had I must admit I am pretty happy to be home and able to soak my feet. If you want any information on anything we talked about just reach out.  Hope everyone had a great show and got home safely!


Ann Arnold

CSO – The BIG Network

BIG – Buyers Intelligence Group