Buyers Intelligence Group™ designed solutions to the myriad issues concerning the merchandising challenges facing the jewelry industry. Merchandising is a complex and multi-faceted process. Whether you have a single store operation, or a company with dozens of locations, Buyers Intelligence Group™ has solutions that will help you better understand and control your business.

The BIG Network for Jewelers Is the first realm that brings Retailers and their Vendor Partners together in a truly collaborative way…

Balance to Buy™ is an interactive inventory analysis tool that reveals the truth beneath your POS data… and ways to improve your bottom line…

PLEXUS Performance™ Groups will help you turn questions into answers, ideas into actions, and analysis into profits…

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Cornell’s Jewelers – Olivia Cornell

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“One great thing we did last year was join a Plexus Performance Group, and start utilizing the Balance to Buy Inventory Management system.  The information that we now have at our fingertips allows us to have better insight into what is happening in real time and how to better manage our inventory, margins, turn and GMROI. We are able to access and run reports lighting fast.”  Olivia Cornell, Cornell’s Jewelers



Wearable Technology at CES – Day Two

We have to remember in the industry, the tech world is coming. Both manufacturers and retailers need to start paying attention to this category.

Wearable Technology at CES – Day One

So I arrived in Las Vegas this morning to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). What was I expecting? Well, I have been coming here for almost 25 years to the jewelry shows, so how different could this be? Well if we thought it was busy during jewelry week, you have no idea what busy means!

BIG Newsletter: How to Analyze the Year

I spend many hours the week between Christmas and New Year analyzing what happened across the country to get a sense of the state of the economy, the industry and the individual jewelry company. I’m looking for context, patterns, signs to be optimistic about and signs of concern that cause me to pick up the phone.