Buyers Intelligence Group™ designed solutions to the myriad issues concerning the merchandising challenges facing the jewelry industry. Merchandising is a complex and multi-faceted process. Intelligent Merchandising™ is a suite of individually focused solutions that work together, or alone, to help you make informed decisions about your business that impact your profitability and success. Whether you have a single store operation, or a company with dozens of locations, Buyers Intelligence Group™ has solutions that will help you better understand and control your business.

The BIG Network for Jewelers Is the first realm that brings Retailers and their Vendor Partners together in a truly collaborative way…

Balance to Buy™ is an interactive inventory analysis tool that reveals the truth beneath your POS data… and ways to improve your bottom line…

PLEXUS Performance™ Groups will help you turn questions into answers, ideas into actions, and analysis into profits…



Kathy Corey“Balance to Buy was the answer to my prayers. It provides my company with both high level and detailed reports to analyze our vast inventory of over 40,000 items in our six retail stores. The reports are easy to learn while providing our Merchandising team with critical information we need to identify solutions for better inventory effciencies and increased sales performance.” -Kathy Corey, Day’s Jewelers, Waterville ME



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