Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Balance to Buy turns POS data into actionable analysis, in seconds! Perfect for single or multi-store operations.

Balance to Buy™

Provides exceptional insights into your consumer behavior and company’s buying habits.

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Balance to Buy™ adds tremendous efficiency to your current reporting systems, no matter what your POS system is. It provides this information faster and more intuitively than anything in the marketplace, providing instant answers and saving your team an enormous amount of time.

Imagine the ability to aggregate all locations or drill into a single store, vendor, category, price point or even SKU. Balance to Buy will unleash your team’s potential to make decisions in real time as there is no more need to wait on static reports!

Balance to Buy™ is a cloud-based interactive system that works with your POS.

  • Change analysis into action
  • Turn aged merchandise into cash
  • Increase gross profit and GMROI
  • Powerful tool for single and multi-door operations
  • Unlimited saved reports
  • Unlimited users
  • No software to install
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“If you want to get a great ROI on your investment into inventory you should join balance to buy. It is the best software for the independent jeweler.”

Tyler Nogai, Arthur's Jewelers

“It’s the most comprehensive system for inventory management available. More than that, the staff are phenomenal at training, responsiveness to questions and overall support.”

Sarah Hurwitz Robey, Colonial Jewelers

Balance to Buy™ Features:

Comprehensive performance information – Quickly see performance by vendor and category organized by a broad number of key indicators.

Identifies gaps in merchandise selection – Visual, easy to read reports allow you to quickly see where your merchandise selection is too lean and where you are bogged down with aged items.

Interactive Drill-Downs – Allows detailed Drill-down to reduce thousands of sku’s into manageable segments of your business increased ability to act.

Facilitates dealing with Aged Inventory proactively – Drill down and repricing features make turning old items back into cash simply and efficient.

Makes vendor discussions more productive – All parties can see what is working and what is not, making recommendations and product selection more effective.

Abe Sherman discusses Remerchandising

Re-Merchandising takes advantage of opportunities to increase sales and decrease aged inventory through a process of strategic re-pricing of aged inventory.