Abe Sherman
Abe ShermanCEO
Fun Fact:  Abe LOVES Fishing – give him a call if you want to take him on vacation!
Mark Wolfson
Mark WolfsonCTO
Fun Fact:  Mark makes his own hot pepper salad- email him for the recipe! It’s always a big hit!
Ellen Falcinelli
Ellen FalcinelliCOO
Fun Fact:  Ellen used to swim in the San Francisco Bay, give her a call if you want to go for a swim!
Ann Arnold
Ann S. ArnoldCSO
Fun Fact:  Ann wrote a book, Together: A Journey for Survival – go buy it now on Amazon!
Nola JacksonHead Merchandising Consultant
Fun Fact:  Nola likes to dance! From Zumba to shagging to ballet!
Deborah BrattinMerchandising Consultant
Fun Fact:  Deb makes pottery. “I’m not quite ready for my own exhibit yet, but getting better every day!”
Denise SoberMerchandising Consultant
Fun Fact:  Denise enjoys running half-marathons although she doesn’t love the training involved. She loves to talk about the races….just don’t look up her times. She is a back-of-the-pack runner!
Lindsay GagnonMerchandising Consultant
Fun Fact:  ”Even though I am Canadian, I have never tried poutine!”
Jacqui HughesBIG Network Client Liason
Fun Fact:  Jacqui loves to bike ride! She went on a bike tour in Maryland with her husband!
Tanya AdamsTraining Consultant
Fun Fact:  ”I bake something new (almost) weekly and never eat a bite, email me to get on my guinea pig/taster list.”
Cari Shapiro, CPAFinancial Consultant
Fun Fact:  Cari used to be a ski instructor!
Alison ButlerOffice Manager
Fun Fact:  Alison has a Motorcycle license…but has not been on a motorcycle in over 10 years!
Julie BartlettEvent & Marketing Coordinator
Fun Fact:  You may have seen Julie before! She had a small role in the 1995 blockbuster “Outbreak”, filmed near her hometown in Northern California.
Larry RickertPlexus Facilitator
Fun Fact:  ”I got an F in a math class but have a degree in Finance and love helping jewelers with numbers”.