Benefits of the BIG Network

Through Retailer participation in The BIG Network, vendors can: obtain sales and inventory information, help replenish stock faster with your permission, invoice/bill for sold memo inventory, and stock-balance non-performing items in a proactive manner.

This service is free of charge for Retailers and enables you to work collaboratively with vendors by allowing them to gain valuable insight into what is selling and proactively help you manage non-performing inventory. Vendors have been kept largely in the dark regarding sell-through – they have no idea what inventory is sitting in your stores that is not performing. For participating, Retailers are eligible to receive a free Daily Sales Report from Balance to Buy!

The ultimate goal…Strengthen our industry through closer collaboration and understanding between retailers and their vendor partners!

Join us in wecoming Bulova to the growing list of BIG Network Vendors!

Getting started is easy – simply “Turn On” permission for Bulova along with any of our other participating vendors! Go to Manage Permissions in Balance to Buy™.

If you have any questions, please contact: or

or contact your Balance to Buy Trainer.

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