Welcome to The BIG Network!

One of the ways the industry can strengthen is through a closer collaboration between retailers and vendors.  Through true partnerships, we believe we will be able to work together to start tackling issues such as non-performing inventory and better merchandising decisions, which will lead to better cash flow, less debt and more profitable businesses.

It is an invitation-only, permission-based platform created by Buyers Intelligence Group (BIG), to facilitate collaborative inventory management between retailers and their suppliers.  BIG serves as a 3rd party administrator, gathering data related to specific vendor’s merchandise by interfacing with retailer POS systems.

Through your participation in the BIG Network, Vendors will be able to obtain edited sales and inventory data (excluding retail prices and gross profit), work with you to replenish stock faster and more efficiently, invoice/bill for sold memo inventory, and stock-balance non-performing items.

There is no charge to the retailer to participate and you can opt out at any time.  As a benefit for participating in the BIG Network, we will email you a daily Sales Report from Balance to Buy™, free of charge.

Depending on your POS system, software will be installed on your server that will export sales and on-hand inventory data.  The data will be used in two ways:

  • It will be provided to your vendor in order for them to work more closely with you to manage their inventory in your store.  This will enable conversations with you including what items sold in what amount of time, which items should be replenished, what new styles should be introduced, and what non-performing inventory should be replaced.  Your vendor will only receive their sales and on-hand data and will not receive any other information from your system.
  • As an added benefit to participating, BIG will send you a daily Sales Report from its inventory analysis and management system called Balance to Buy.  Hundreds of retailers depend on this report daily to help manage their inventory.

BIG stores your data in a heavily protected and encrypted database.  No information is released to any vendors without explicit permission granted by the retailer.  Every effort is made to ensure the security and protection of your data.

Your vendor receives only their information and is provided data for sales and on-hand inventory for the purpose of billing for items sold, stock replenishment, & stock balancing on non-performing items.  No customer information, retail pricing or gross profit information is shared with your vendor.

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